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 Google’s New Privacy Policy

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PostSubject: Google’s New Privacy Policy    Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:27 pm

Recently Google unveiled its new privacy policy. Privacy policy and Terms & Conditions are things which no one likes to read Smile . So this blog post will explain you in short and simple terms what Google’s new privacy policy is all about and how will it affect you as a user of Google’s services.

According to Google’s new privacy policy it will centralize all your data or personal information and one service of Google can use your personal data related to another service.

Suppose you did a search on Google related to say ‘adventure sports’ and then used Gmail and then YouTube. Gmail and YouTube may show you ads related to adventure sports because you searched for it. They have acquired this information from your search which is a different service from Google.

But with this new privacy policy Google has also given you flexibility to change or remove your browsing history on various services of Google. For example you can see and deleted what you searched for during last few days or you can delete view history on YouTube. Which is beneficial in two ways if for instance you need to know what you searched yesterday then you can just check you search history. Secondly, you have better control over you data.

So, this was Google’s new privacy policy in simple terms according to me. Do share your thoughts and comments on Google’s new privacy policy and your experience with it.
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Google’s New Privacy Policy
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